Best Bite-sized Digital Marketing Newsletter in 2020 for Digital Marketers

Best Bite-sized Digital Marketing Newsletter in 2020 for Digital Marketers

Hello Marketers! I’m back today with a short post to provide a gold nugget which I found to be very useful for Marketers. Which is a Digital Marketing Newsletter from the Stacked Marketer. [Sign up using my link and I will send you a FREE Google Analytics Guide to understand your website traffic better!;) ]

The Stacked Marketer is a daily newsletter that is sent to your email with bite-sized digital marketing news on the changes and happenings in the digital marketing industry! It gives updates from all digital marketing news aspects from Paid marketing channels, Organic channels, and even new channels that are coming in such as TikTok.

Digital Marketing Newsletter
Sneak Peak of Daily Newsletter

As we all know, the digital marketing industry is a fast-paced one, and keeping up with it can be challenging with most news scattered around. According to an article on Mckinsey, marketing is an ever-changing industry especially with frequent changes to consumer behavior.

The various social media platforms are also something that is changing often. With new advertising inventory or new features and new platforms coming up, marketers have to stay up to date with these changes to be able to adapt and thrive through it.

So instead of crawling through every marketing website to get updates from different sources, why not sign up for just ONE with updates from every marketing aspect? 

Which is why I signed up for the Stacked Marketer newsletter! 

What I like about the Stacked Marketer Newsletter

The newsletter provides sufficient information in bite-sized formats which is good to read on the go. It also provides a range of digital marketing updates and information compared to a newsletter which only gives you updates on a specific topic. 

I believe understanding the changes in every aspect that is going on in the digital marketing industry is good to give a bigger picture of the changes that are about to happen.

Furthermore, it gives opinions from thought leaders and also some fun quizzes and statistics along the way. 

The Stacked Marketer’s newsletter is definitely one which I would recommend marketers to sign up for. Especially those who are interested in learning marketing as it gives insights on what marketers are doing in the industry.

So do sign up for the newsletter in the button above or you can sign up here! Do let me know if you have signed up using my link! I would send you a FREE copy of my Google Analytics Guide if you do! 😉


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