Cheaper Facebook Ads in 2020

Cheaper Facebook Ads in 2020

‘Facebook Ads are much cheaper now’. I’m sure you must have heard many Digital Marketing Experts saying this. But what do Facebook ads being cheaper actually mean? Facebook is having a discount for you to advertise?

In this post, I would be explaining the meaning behind Facebook ads being cheaper and the types of budgets (Lifetime & Daily budget) that would help in this period. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax, and get ready to learn.

Why are Facebook Ads Cheaper?
As the Covid-19 pandemic spreads, many countries are enforcing stay-home quarantine and lockdowns. (Hooray for Introverts!!) With this, it increases the number of users viewing on Facebook as people are bored and turn to Facebook for entertainment. Furthermore, with China previously being on Lockdown, dropshippers/e-commerce stores have to stop running their ads as their products can’t be shipped out from China.

Therefore, with more people viewing on Facebook, and fewer people advertising on Facebook, the cost of running an ad becomes cheaper as the base of the audience is bigger. So the number of ads can be shown to more people, hence, the cheaper cost of running ads.

If the audience/number of people viewing is small, ads have to compete against each other based on price and quality score (this will be another post) to see who wins to show the ads to the targeted audience. It reminds me of my schooling days when your group mates don’t help in the project (lesser viewers/audience), and you have to solo tank the WHOLE project, the task gets very hard. (more expensive to run ads) BUT if everybody does the task assigned to them (more viewers/audience) group projects can actually be very fun and a good chance to make friends for life.

If you’re still unclear, below is a picture I created to better demonstrate what I mean. I hope it helps!

Cheaper Facebook Ads 2020

Update May 2020: Many businesses have jumped onto the bandwagon and started to advertise on Facebook more. And with China reopened, e-commerce dropshipping stores are now back advertising on Facebook, thus, the cost will go back up again.

Facebook Ads Opportunity
With Facebook Ads being much cheaper to run and a bigger audience impression, it is a good opportunity for e-commerce sites, coaches, insurance agents and digital product sellers to run their ads online! It’s an opportunity not to be missed!

So now you’ve understood why Facebook ads are cheaper it’s time for you to start running ads! I’m sure the first question you’ll be asking would be how much do you need to start running Facebook ads. Well, to answer this question, running of Facebook Ads can be as low as $1 a day and it would be depending on how long you would like to run the Ads for.

As a start, I would recommend trying out boosting ads on Facebook & Instagram with a very very small amount JUST to get the hang of what it’s like to run ads by yourself.

Important Note on Running Facebook Ads
The NUMBER ONE most important thing to note before running any ads is to have a goal in mind while boosting these ads. Do you want to get more engagement on your post? More followers or dm-s?

I’ve seen many Instagram ads where the person just boosted a post with just a picture of themselves with an emoji…. It gets me thinking about what the person is trying to achieve…More followers? More profile visits? Or maybe they just want to stroke their ego for more people to see their pretty/handsome face….

Whatever the goal is, it is always better to get a return on your ad spend and not just run ads aimlessly. I do help run Facebook & Google ads for people. (Selfless Plugin) If you would like help running or need advice on running these ads, do drop me an email on the contact page! I would be more than happy to help get a better Return on Ad Spend on your ads with your Precious money earned. 😀

Thanks for reading! And I hope you’ve learned something through this post! Till the next time~

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