How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job Doing Marketing in Singapore

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job Doing Marketing in Singapore

With technology advancing and getting cheaper, starting a Website can be as low as $0.99/month and through that, you would be able to learn and increase your chances of getting a Marketing Job in Singapore!

This post is written for Fresh Graduates or those who are looking for a career change to get into the Digital Marketing industry.

If you are one of these, I do hope you gain some value of these tips and tricks which I will be sharing on how I got a job in marketing with no relevant degree.

Why Digital Marketing?

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In an article by The Straits Times, it is mentioned that there has been an increase in demand for tech jobs especially those in Digital Marketing. 

The demand increases even more during this Covid-19 period as more businesses turn Digital and their marketing will have to go Digital as there are fewer footfalls entering the malls.

Therefore, this is a great time to get into Digital Marketing and hone your skills to be a great Digital Marketer. I have written a post on the best digital marketing course and if you would like to get into understanding analytics, I do have a free guide to understanding Google Analytics here

So let’s get started on how you can increase your chances of landing a Digital Marketing Job!

  1. Create & Grow your own Instagram/Facebook Page
Grow your Instagram Page
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Creating your own Instagram Page or a Facebook page would help you in 2 ways and a lot of learning experience from it!

One. Knowing how to recognise a good and engaging creative vs. a post without any meaning. This would help you in your marketing campaigns when you learn to recognise what creative works and what does not.

Two. Learning how to engage the audience and getting them to follow you. By creating your own content and getting people to follow you, you learn how to create better engaging content for your audience as well as the importance of a call to action in a post.

I have personally tried this and have learned a lot through growing my own Instagram page. During job interviews, I would usually share what I have learned from growing the page and to get the audience engagement in post.

Therefore, I would highly recommend you to try this out! And the BEST part is that it’s free to start! Free learning experiences are the most valuable, especially with your own efforts.

Furthermore, by creating and growing your own it shows employers that you do actually know what it takes to grow an Instagram page and how to engage audiences. This would definitely bring more credibility to your portfolio and increase your chances of getting a Marketing job!

  1. Start a YouTube channel or a Podcast
Start a Youtube channel
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Starting a YouTube or Podcast is also something that I did and learned a lot as well! Here are a few learning points which I feel will have with increasing your chances of getting a marketing job in Singapore by doing this.

Content Creation. Content creation was something I learned while starting a YouTube channel and a Podcast. It forces me to search what’s the current trending topic and create a headline that is engaging enough for audiences to click and view. 

Not only creating a clickbait title but to also create content that your audiences would want to watch and listen to.

Scripting: “Stay to the end of this video and I will share with you…” I’m sure you have watched videos like this. While I was trying to film my own YouTube video and Podcast, these were some of the things which I left out while filming and writing my script.

Although it doesn’t make much of a difference, it actually does increase the watch time/listening time of your content as viewers will stay to receive the extra bonus or news which you will be sharing!

It’s only through viewing other creators’ content and creating your own that opens up your mind to see all these little things that would help increase your audience retention.

Content creation and scripting are essentials in video marketing. By trying it out on your own, it shows your future employers that you not only know the theory behind video marketing, but also the practical steps to create content and market your video.

It helps to build your portfolio and who knows? You might become a successful YouTuber as well 😉

  1. Build your own Website & Market it
Starting a website
Photo by Monoar Rahman from Pexels

Starting a Website these days can start from as low as $0.99/month! If you want to just try it out, WordPress also has a free set up. (you will have a .wordpress on your URL) Or just buy a domain name and host it on WordPress.

The benefits of starting your own website are that you are able to test the SEO techniques that you have learned online and apply it to your own website! Whether you are using it for blogging or putting up the portfolio of your work, it provides a platform for you to experiment and try out things you have learned online!

In addition, you would be able to test and learn how to drive traffic to your website and use Google Analytics to breakdown your traffic data! 

If you would like to learn more about understanding the metrics on Google Analytics, I have a FREE guide on understanding your website traffic metrics better!

Learning how to rank on SEO, running ads to your website, and also marketing it to gain more traffic would definitely increase your chances of getting a marketing job. It shows that you have actually done it before and that you not only have the knowledge but also the experience in running and managing a website.

  1. Get Certified with Google and Facebook 

Getting certified from Free Courses on Google and Facebook helps build your credibility to your future employers that you understand the various Digital Marketing Platforms in theory. 

These certificates are usually free but some such as Facebook Blueprint certification requires a payment to take the certification. Furthermore, most of the certification requires you to take it yearly as there are always updates on the various marketing platforms.

With the various certifications on these platforms, it increases the credibility of your Marketing skills and also shows your future employer that you are willing to learn and put in the effort to grow. 


As many fresh graduates are taking on internship roles before graduation, to increase your chances of getting a job doing marketing in Singapore, you would need to do more than just having an internship.

Going the extra mile of starting your own marketing projects such as the few listed above, would help to show that you are hungry and eager to learn not only in theory but to be a marketing practitioner as well!

I hope these few tips brought much value to you in helping to increase your chances of getting a job in marketing. During this Covid-19 season, it might be harder due to the company cutting costs but HANG IT THERE! 

Things will eventually get better. Rainbows only come after rain. I was once in the position as well! If you would like to know more about my journey, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram at @zachay.chia or add me on Facebook! 🙂 Always glad to be talking to all of you!

Alright, till the next post!

(P.S. I released a Guide on Understanding your Website Traffic called “Website Traffic Decoded”, it’ll be great if you are interested in learning and downloading it!)  

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