Tinder is getting Stagnant

Tinder is getting Stagnant

“Nah, (Swipe Left), This person is cute, (Swipe right)”
frank-vex-557775-unsplash.jpgFor those who are familiar with the term above, I’m sure you have used a dating app before. For those who don’t know what I am talking about, those are the basics of a dating app or rather, Tinder. If you see someone whom you don’t like, you swipe them to the left. If you think they are a good catch, you can either swipe to the right to like them or even give them a super like so that they would know you did.

There is definitely a rise in dating app in this generation. Match group, who is the owner of several well-known dating apps such as Tinder, Okcupid and plenty of fish expected to bring in a total of 1.72 billion in revenue in 2018 with Tinder alone bringing in 800 million.

Yes. That is how big the dating app industry is today.

Tinder has revolutionised the way people go on dates or how guys used to ask a girl out. There are even article write ups on how to optimise your tinder profile to get more matches. As much as it is unethical to judge a person by their looks, many are jumping on the bandwagon to join the online dating platforms.

As for me, I used dating apps and never really got a match out of it. My whole experience was not that favorable as no matter how many times a day I swiped, I didn’t get any matches I wanted or the cute person that I hoped would match with me. I would feel like either I am not good looking enough or when the other party doesn’t reply and you would think that you are boring.
city-city-life-close-up-1308748.jpgAs the online dating platform rises each year, I believe that these dating apps should change the way people match and interact. Here are a few changes which I feel Tinder should be making:

1. Personality Matching
Instead of swiping the guy with his ferrari or a girl wearing a bikini, these apps should be matching people’s personality first before they get to see their pictures. For example, you would only be given the profile of the person to read and if you like the personality after reading the profile, you would like it. If the other party likes your personality profile as well, you would both be matched and be able to see each others pictures.

This would be a better way of matching people. Even though tinder has a bio for you to write in, I am sure that most people would not be bothered to read but instead swipe based on the pictures.

2. Topic randomiser
To break the ice for an awkward opening like or a cheesy pick up line, a fun topic could be generated randomly after matching with someone. Random topics like “Bacon and eggs or pancakes?” just so conversations would not be so mundane.

3. Event/ Date places
Let’s be honest. Planning for a date can be hard. Especially if you are in a country like Singapore where most dates are in a restaurant or a movie theater. Partnerships with event companies, ticketing companies, movie places or cafes should work together with these dating apps. Recommendations for places to go, or events during the weekends can be shown after matching with someone and discounts can be given when both parties that met through the app goes to the place.


With these suggestions, I believe if they were implemented, it would definitely make dating apps a more positive experience for everyone. And perhaps with these additions, Singapore’s fertility rate might rise again. 😉

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